The pandemic and recession created a lot of hardship in our area with families in need of food and other basic essentials. To help alleviate this Shirley Lions hold regular foodbank collections where we ask local residents to leave non perishable food items on their doorstep which we then collect and deliver to our local Foodbank. Routes are chosen and members then deliver leaflets to all the homes on their routes advising that we will be calling back on the next Sunday morning to collect donations. All the food collected is then delivered to our local Foodbank on the Monday morning. The leaflet also advises that if householders would rather make a cash donation then this can we done via the Donations page on our website Shirley Lions Club - How to make a donation

The results of our collections so far have been:

Date of collection Weight of food collected Monetary value of food collected
September 2020 674 kg £1132
October 2020 409kg £689
November 2020 1036kg £1742
December 2020 1400kg £2338
March 2021 390kg £658
April 2021 751kg £1264
May 2021 412kg £695
June 2021 459kg £773
October 2021 348kg £584
November 2021 654kg £1100
January 2022 621kg £1043
February 2022 345kg £580
September 2022  128kg £208
February 2023 526kg £884
May 2023 378kg £630
February 2024 204kg £340
June 2024 581kg £984

Foodbank leaflet 24.10.21. 30th Jan a 


 30th Jan thankyou poster   

June 2024 a  June 2024 b  June 2024 c