Club members

President - Martin Conlon

Secretary - Claire de Jonge-Vors

Treasurer - Ken Barker   

Fundraising Chair - Jeremy Lees

Beer Festival Chair - Ken Barker

Christmas Sleigh Chair - Phil Rippington

Community Service Chair - Andrea Lees

Social Chair - Phil Rippington

Carnival Chair - Colin Buckley

Membership Chair - Jaap de Jonge

Youth Chair - Jackie Culliford

Message in a Bottle Officer - Helen Sargent

Used Spectacles Officer - Mary Hanson

Public Relations Officer - Heidi Berger

Web Master - Ken Barker

0845 Officer - Roger Starling

Club Members - Gillian Conlon, Ron Cook, Pete Jones, Sophie Lees, Sue McNally, Carl Miller, Mark Stokes, Jean Wright and Martin Wright.

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